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FP01B Power Engineering 5th Class Exam Preparation starts NOV. 18


FP01 Power Engineering 5th Class Exam Preparation Study Course
Course fee: $499 (Textbooks are an additional cost and are required. NOTE: You must arrange to purchase your textbooks on your own. Our office does not provide the textbooks. See instructions further below.)
Course schedule: 20 Sat., beg NOV. 18, 8 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
No class dates: Dec. 23, Dec. 30, Feb. 17, March 31.
FINAL course test date: APRIL 28, 2018.
Course Location: Kildonan East Collegiate. 845 Concordia Ave. Room TBA

Textbooks are NOT included in your course fee - You must purchase your books on your own.
Instructions on purchasing textbooks:
Once you have confirmed you are registered in the course, it is your responsibility to purchase / obtain the correct textbooks before the start date of the course – NOV. 18.

The textbook set title is 5th Class Power Engineering – Edition 3.0 or 3.2, published by Panglobal.
The textbook set will cost approx. $430-$450 if purchased new.
Be sure to order your textbooks by NOV. 4 to ensure they will be available for your first class on NOV. 18. You may order them from the Red River College bookstore
Or online from the publisher Panglobal at IMPORTANT: - Please note that the textbooks will be a newer version - Edition 3.2. Version 3.2 no longer includes the Academic Supplement. You will have to purchase The Academic Supplement separately for an additional $52.50 if purchased from IF you can borrow the Academic Supplement or purchase the Academic Supplement used - we recommend you do so to save money.

This study course (approved by the Office of the Fire Commissioner) focuses on all aspects of heating plant operation. It will be of interest to anyone interested in working towards gaining the certification needed to operate or maintain a heating plant in a school paratment building or similar setting. A course outline will be provided to registered students before the start date of the course.

After the course is completed students are responsible for arranging to write their provincial exam with the Office of the Fire Commissioner and for arranging the remaining 450 practical boiler experience hours to complete the requirements to be considered for certification. RETSD Continuing Education does not arrange the exam or the additional boiler experience. Boiler experience must be completed while assisting in the operation of a steam or hot water boiler developing over 200 kW (20 boiler horsepower).

Course Requirements:  Individuals who possess basic math skills, a good working knowledge of English, an ability to understand technical drawings and terms, who have time to study and are able to attend at least 18 out of the 20 classes scheduled will have the essentials to complete this course successfully. Each participant is also required to have the prescribed textbooks in their possession by the course start date.

How to Achieve a PASS in this course and gain the 450 boiler hour credit:
Students must
1.  achieve a result of 65% in the study course final test and
2. maintain 90% attendance or attend 18/20 classes. In other words, students may be absent for only a maximum of two classes out of 20. Students should ensure they are able to attend the full 4.5 hours each class from 8 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Students who arrive late may be marked absent.

Course content:
To get an idea of what sort of information you will be learning, visit these links or contact our office form more information phone 204-667-6193.
Sample questions:
Course Curriculum:

More on Fifth Class Power Engineering as a career:

A power engineer is a person trained and certified to safely operate steam, pressure and refrigeration plants. In Manitoba, most plants can only be operated under the supervisiion of a certified and licensed power engineer. Inspection and Technical Services Manitoba (ITSM) oversees power engineering examinations and certification.

To obtain a Fifth Class power engineer certificate in Manitoba, a person must pass the provincial Fifth Class Power Engineer's Certificate of Competency examination and provide verification of a total of 900 hours of operating experience while assisting in the operation of a steam or hot water boiler developing over 200kW (20 boiler horsepower) in a work or volunteer placement. Operating experience may come from 900 hours of boiler experience of a combination of boiler hour credits (achieved from a study course approved by the Office of the Fire Commissioner - OFC) and operating experience equaling 900 hours.

PARKING: The course will be held at Kildonan East Collegiate: 845 Concordia Ave. at the corner of Kimberly Ave. and Concordia. Park in the front (south) parking lot and enter via the main school entrance. Additional parking is available on the east side or the north side of the school.

Starts: Sat, Nov 18, 2017

Schedule: 20 Sat., beg NOV. 18, 8 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Kildonan East Collegiate, Rm. TBA. No class dates: Dec. 23, Dec. 30, Feb. 17, March 31. FINAL course test date: APRIL 28, 2018.
20 Sat., beg NOV. 18, 8 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Kildonan East Collegiate, Rm. 105. No class dates: Dec. 23, Dec. 30, Feb. 17, March 31. FINAL course test date: MAY 12, 2018. Students are responsible for ordering their textbooks on their own (5th Class Power Engineering 3rd Ed). Once you have received confirmation you have been accepted in the course, you may order textbooks locally from the Red River College Bookstore, Notre Dame Campus, 204.632-2351. Allow at least 7 working days for the order to be filled or call the bookstore for details. Or order online directly from the publisher- Panglobal at a slightly lower cost -visit and order your books at least two weeks before.

Location: Kildonan East Collegiate (KEC)
845 Concordia Ave.
East Kildonan, Winnipeg
Manitoba,Canada  map
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Cost: $499.00 Instructor: To Be Announced

More Info: Continuing Education Office
(204) 667-6193

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What If my employer is paying for my course?
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Duplicate transcripts/receipts
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