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Flexible or Drop-In Rates for Fitness

If you cannot attend an entire season of classes or want to just drop in and try one out, we have options available for you!


At RETSD EDVentures Continuing Education we try to offer some flexibility to students interested in joining a class currently in-session or wanting to try a class out.

The first option is to buy a drop-in pass for a particular class.
If you'd like to check if there's room for in a particular class, or for more information on arranging to pay for a drop-in class with a Visa or Mastercard, call us at 204.667.6193 or email our office. Drop-in rates are posted further below.

The second option is to join a class currently in-session:

Once a class has begun - we try and offer pro-rated spots for late starters if there is space in the class. This is particularly useful if you've tried out a class with a drop-in pass and want to join after the class has begun, or if you missed our start date but want to join late. Check our current listings online or - if none are available online - contact our office for more information. Call us at 204.667.6193 or email our office.

To view our current season's program guide, click here to download a pdf copy.



* Contact the office before preparing to attend any classes as there may have been changes to our advertised program booklet, or, there may have been an unexpected cancellation on the day you would like to attend.

* Most instructors do not handle drop-in payments.

* Do not send credit card information via email to our office as it's not secure.

AND: Refunds will not be available for students who wish to withdraw after a class has begun.

Know which class you'd like to drop-in on?

Then call us to pay with a credit card (VIsa/Mastercard):

204.667.6193 during office hours.

Monday, Tuesday, Friday: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Wednesdays, Thursdays: 8:30 a.m.-8 p.m.

Flexible or Drop-In Rates based on class length:

55-60 minute GYM (Land) class:

A one-time drop-in costs $10/class for a 55 or 60 minute class.


55-60 minute Aquacise (Water) class:

A one-time drop-in costs $15/class for a 55 or 60 minute class.


75 minute GYM (Land) class:

A one-time drop-in costs $15/class for a 75 minute class.


90 minute YOGA class:

A one-time drop-in costs $18/class for a 90 minute yoga class.


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