iii     Establishing the Metacognitive Environment

adapted from http://www.ed.gov/databases/ERIC_Digests/ed327218.html


A metacognitive environment encourages awareness of thinking. Planning is shared between teachers, school library media specialists, and students. Thinking strategies are discussed. Evaluation is ongoing.


In the creation of a metacognitive environment, teachers monitor and apply their knowledge, deliberately modelling metacognitive behaviour to assist students in becoming aware of their own thinking.


Metacognitive strategies are already in teachers' repertoires. We must become alert to these strategies, and consciously model them for students.


Problem-solving and research activities in all subjects provide opportunities for developing metacognitive strategies. Teachers need to focus student attention on how tasks are accomplished. Process goals, in addition to content goals, must be established and evaluated with students so they discover that understanding and transferring thinking processes improves learning.